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How to make your mobile battery last longer

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It is curious that if we compare the average battery life of old phones with those that are currently on the market. We can get the feeling that those of yesteryear lasted much longer than today. This false perception is just an illusion and modern batteries are not only longer-lived, but they are also of higher quality and are charged with more energy in less time than before.

However, the use we give to the mobile phone is increasing every day and this has more and more features. That require more resources in addition to saturating our phone with apps that consume battery life. In our technology tricks, you will know what to do to make your mobile battery last much longer.

What to do to extend the phone’s battery?

Before knowing how to extend the battery you will probably need to know how to charge the phone faster to get the maximum battery in the minimum time. But if we can no longer charge it and we want the battery to last as long as possible. We must first know what consumes the most power in our device. For example, having the screen on for long periods of time spends a lot of resources so we can try to look at the phone as strictly necessary.

The continuous search in the Wi-Fi network also consumes a lot of energy. So, we can activate the option that some phones have that makes the Wi-Fi activated only in places where we have already connected before.

If we receive many notifications constantly the mobile also spends useless way so it is convenient to deactivate those that we really do not want to receive. There are applications that consume more battery than others, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Spotify require many resources. Therefore it is advisable to control the time of use of these apps. If what we want is to listen to music, an alternative would be to do it directly from an SD card in which we will have previously downloaded the songs.

To improve the autonomy of the battery it is advisable to avoid that our phone is exposed to extreme temperatures. That is to say, subject to a lot of heat or very cold. Just as we must not allow the device to get wet, especially if it is charging.

To prevent the battery of our phone from making efforts due to slowed down processes; it is advisable to perform a smartphone format from time to time to prevent.

When we are in places without coverage we should turn off the phone or connect the airplane mode. As well as disable the applications that consume the most when we are not using them. It is important to know that the geolocation apps are the ones that consume more battery. We will maintain the brightness of the screen in a medium-term. We can even activate the “automatic brightness” mode that will automatically regulate the light emitted by the screen as required by the circumstance.

There are also apps that we can download that regulate the performance of our phone by optimizing resources. Including the energy consumed by the battery. Other applications allow knowing the numbers of the complete cycles of load. That will allow us to know how much life is left to the battery of our device.

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