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When your mobile speaker does not work what should do then


The mobiles are real minicomputers. A device that allows us to do almost everything and from which many could not be separated more than a whole day. Now, these phones are sometimes spoiled. For example, one of the most frequent faults occurs when the loudspeaker stops making sounds. While it is true that many times they are problems that have to do the technical service, there are many others that can be easily solved. We show you what to do when the mobile speaker does not work and what steps you should follow to repair it.

How to know if the mobile speaker does not work

The first thing you have to do to check if your mobile speaker does not work is to see if the fault is really from the speaker or affects another part of the device. For this, you do not have to be a technology expert. You can check it in the following ways.

  • If the device does not play any sound when you receive calls or you get a message or notification.
  • It is also not possible to hear the alarm when the programs.
  • If you activate the hands-free on a call, you will not hear anything at all.
  • If you put a song or play a video, the phone does not make any sound through the speaker either. However, all this is solved if you put a headset. If this is the case, the problem is related to the loudspeaker and not to all the mobile audio.

Tips for repairing mobile audio

If you have already detected that the problem with your mobile phone is that the speaker does not work, it is time to review these tips to repair the speakerphone step by step.

Check the speaker volume

Many times we lower the volume of the speaker unintentionally. Smartphones have audio calls, multimedia, and alarms. All of them can be managed independently. If only one of these things fails, check the sound menu and make sure everything is turned on and loud enough.

The sound menu is usually in Settings. Once you locate it, look at each of the options to see if that is the problem.

Turn off Bluetooth

There are times that we connect our device, like wireless speakers, for example. To make sure that the device is not sending audio to any Bluetooth accessory, you will only have to deactivate this option. It is also in settings, although depending on the mobile it is possible that you have it in a quick menu.

Restart the device

If after many laps you do not get it to work, you may have to restart your phone. Do it. Turn off the smartphone and leave it for a while. Then connect it and try the sound again to see if it has been solved.

What if all this does not work?

It may be that the problem is not solved with all these steps. Restart it to the factory state. There are times when these problems have to do with the hardware of the speaker itself. If you reboot to the factory state, the phone will be completely new, like when you bought it. It is quite likely that this step will solve the problem.

Find out how your mobile resets to the factory state. Each smartphone is different, but what is clear is that everyone has this option. Now, when you reset you will lose all the information and all the saved data. Therefore, do not forget to make a backup beforehand. Resetting the finish may be long. Sometimes it takes a long time, but it is the only option we can have before finally taking the terminal to fix it or replace it with another one.

If you do not want to do the reset, you can take it directly to repair. The technician will ask you if you have done this previous step, if not, he will do it. Now, always remember to take the phone to a trusted technical service and make sure that the repair comes under warranty and that the parts are original or of good quality.

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