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Has your iPhone been stolen? This is what you should do


If your iPhone has been stolen and you are desperate to find your valuable and dear phone, calm, today it is possible to locate it by following a few simple steps. Has your iPhone been stolen? This is what you should do. You do not have to be a technology expert. Keep reading!

Steps to find your iPhone

If you have had the bad luck of losing your iPhone and want to locate it as soon as possible, follow these simple steps and you will surely find it. You only need a computer with an internet connection.

1. Log in to iCloud

When you have your computer turned on, you should go to iCloud, and once there, they will ask for your Apple ID and password to access it. When you have entered this information, click on the icon that shows an arrow.

2. Locate your iPhone

Once inside iCloud you will find an icon that says ‘look for my iPhone’, you must click on it. After a few minutes of location search, iCloud will show you where you’re lost or stolen phone is located.

3. Send a sound or block it

If after checking the location, you believe that your iPhone can be near you, you have the option to send a sound. But if you think that it has been stolen and that the phone is not near your current location, then you can also select the remote blocking option.

With this option, you will be preventing anyone from using it, but you will also be deleting your data so that the person who stole it cannot access them. This way you will be safeguarding your privacy in the case of a theft.

You must take into account that both the tracking option and the blocking option cannot be activated if the person who stole your phone has reset your iPhone or switched off your mobile phone previously.

4. Activate the lost mode

If you have added information about your credit, debit or payment cards with Apple Pay, the safest option will be to activate the ‘lost mode’. In this sense, you can block your device remotely through a code that will reach any other phone you indicate. When putting the iPhone in lost mode, the person who has stolen your phone will not have access to your personal or banking information.

5. Denounce it to the police

Once you have carried out all these security operations, it is best to report the theft to the police. The police will probably ask for your iPhone’s serial number, and you’ll have several ways to find out.

The first, and also the simplest, is through the original packaging of your phone. Here you can look at the bar code and find the serial number. But if you have thrown away the box, you can locate the serial number of your iPhone by entering another Apple device, such as an iPod, iPad or iPod Touch. You can search for the serial number by accessing the ‘preferences devices’ tab in iTunes.

Sometimes, you can also find the serial number of an iPhone by looking at the original receipt or invoice that they gave you in the store when buying it.

6. Inform your telephone operator

Once you have completed all these steps, you should also contact your mobile operator and report that you have lost your device or that it has been stolen.

In this way, your phone company will deactivate your account preventing them from making calls. Sending messages or consuming data from your iPhone. If you purchased theft insurance when you buy it, it is likely that your mobile phone company will send you another new iPhone in a short period of time.

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