How to reset a Xiaomi


The first thing you should keep in mind is the difference between formatting and resetting.

In the field of computers and other devices (not smartphones), the concepts of formatting and resetting are different . But when it comes to smartphones, formatting and resetting is the same .

To explain it in a quick way, we will say resetting an electronic device (not smartphones) is like restarting or restoring preset parameters while formatting is eliminating everything , therefore, formatting is much more drastic and radical .

That is, with formatting, the device stays the same as when you received your factory equipment .

But this premise does not happen with mobiles, since in this case, reset and format is the same.

Why does this happen?

Very easy, because in the mobile world, we have an option that is known as a hard reset , which is like formatting, that is, it deletes everything and leaves the factory mobile. Therefore, when talking about resetting a mobile phone, it is the same as its formatting.

When is it advisable to format a Xiaomi?

  • We want to reset all the settings to the factory defaults in the Xiaomi phone.
  • When we want to quickly remove all the content that is stored (applications, music, photos, videos and other user data of Xiaomi mobile phone)
  • If we notice that the mobile phone is not working properly , it is extremely slow, has coverage problems, etc.

If you are facing one of the situations that we have described in the previous contribution, you should try to carry out a reset of factory data in mobile to solve these problems.

However, before it is very important to carry out a backup.
You must think that when the reset of the Xiaomi is carried out. All the data that was in the device will be erased.

How to reset a Xiaomi factory

Format a Xiaomi, whatever the model is very simple. Just follow some very schematic and intuitive steps .

The same phone makes this task very easy so that the user can have the option to have mobile if exactly as the first day.

  1. The first thing is to unlock the Xiaomi
  2. Then go to Settings terminal and select Additional settings >> Backup and Restore.
  3. In this section, you will also find the section Personal data with the option Factory data reset . Then you must give Factory data reset on your Xiaomi mobile and you will automatically delete all personal information, such as your account information My, the application data and the system configuration.

This last step will be verified when you enter the device password . In the event that you have not been able to restore the factory mobile with these steps, there are other alternatives.

You can try to start the phone through the Recovery mode , perform a factory reset from there. You can reach the recovery mode inside the panel or by using the buttons .

Recovery Mode Xiaomi

From within the Panel

Go to Settings >> About phone >> System updates >> More options >> Restart to Recovery mode.

Using the buttons

In the event that the operating system is damaged and you can not enter the interface of the device. You can reestablish the mobile by pressing its physical buttons and activate the Recovery mode.

  1. With the phone turned off. You must press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time until the display shows something like “Select start mode” on the Xiaomi mobile.
    Depending on the model or version of MIUI installed, the methods to boot in its Recovery mode may vary slightly. However, it is very intuitive.
  2. You must use the Volume Down button to scroll through the options of the Recovery mode and click on the Volume Up button to select.
  3. Next, you must press the power button to enter Android system recovery mode .

The mobile will initiate the recovery automatically. You should wait for it to finish, it may take several minutes and during that time do not touch anything. Then restart the mobile to finish formatting the terminal.

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