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Chrome OS is preparing to implement virtual desktops

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Chrome OS could soon be equipped with virtual desktops, putting itself in line with the competition that has been offering them for some time. No indication, however, on the timing of implementation.

One of the productivity features of UNIX-like operating systems, at least until the arrival of Windows 10, was the presence of multiple desktops. Both Mac OS X (later macOS) and the main desktops on Linux and BSD support multiple desktops for years, and Microsoft has aligned itself with the competition with Windows 10. The only one among the operating systems that do not yet have such functionality is Chrome OS, which could, however, earn it soon.

According to some commits in the project repository, in fact, Chrome OS may soon be equipped with virtual desktops, called “virtual desks” as it happens in many graphics environments for Linux. As writes, at present the development is still in its early stages, but we can already see an interface that looks like the one adopted by both macOS and Windows 10, with thumbnails of virtual desktops and a presentation of open windows on the current desktop.

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