WhatsApp, comes the new shortcut Show in chat


The most popular messaging client in the world is updated with a new interesting feature: Show in chat. We explain what it is and how it works.

Starting from the version of WhatsApp 2.19.18 for Android, available in Beta on the Google Play Store, some new features have been introduced including the shortcut “Show in chat“, located in Italian as “Show in chat”, and is used to track down a particular multimedia content within the conversation. The feature, already present on iOS, will be available on the next update of the stable version that will be released in the app store for Android.

The function can also be useful to return to the conversation in a period not really recent, taking as reference the multimedia images exchanged in the group or with that particular user. To use it you have to access the Media in the list of the profile page of the conversation (you can reach it from the same conversation by pressing on the header), then press on the photo and select the menu at the top right with the three dots.

WhatsApp, here is the new feature Show in chat

This opens a drop-down menu with several items, including the new Show in Chat: selecting it will move the client back to the conversation, right where the image was shared. This is an interesting function to recover excerpts of conversation that can be traced to the sharing of the image, without having to scroll through the page (an operation that can become frustrating if it is an old conversation).

In the same drop-down menu where we find Show in chat some functions have been renamed to Set as … and rotate (before they were Use as a background, Rotate on the right and Rotate on the left). In version 2.19.18 there is also a bug that shows how to activate the Sticker search function, not yet present even remotely. The feature can be activated using a small trick, but in no case will it work properly because it is not yet available.

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