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Google coral pixel 4 with 6gb of ram and snapdragon 855

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Google Coral could be the code name of Google Pixel 4 (at least according to what reported by Geekbench). Even if the information is still scarce, and some predictable, let’s see what we could reserve.

We have written so much about the arrival of the new Pixel 3 lite and Pixel 3 XL lite that could debut within the first half of 2019. But Google could be at work on the new series of Pixel 4 smartphones and in particular on a model called in code Google Coral.

To reveal it was the database of Geekbench (whose data can, however, be falsified) where Google Coral has unveiled some of its technical characteristics. A first curiosity is given by the amount of RAM: up to now Google Pixel smartphones have had 4 GB of RAM. This time, however, in Mountain View have aimed to get up to 6 GB.

Of course, it does not seem very much with smartphones that have up to 12 GB of RAM on the market, but it is still an interesting change of strategy on the part of the company.

Being a high-end model you could not expect a lending SoC and in this case, we find within the Coral Coral the new Snapdragon 855.

Finally, it should be noted that the operating system used, always according to Geekbench is Android Q (what will then be Android 10). The presentation will take place at the Google I / O 2019 conference in May, while the final version will be presented between September and October, where Google Coral could be presented as Google Pixel 4.

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