Facebook will join the chats of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger


Facebook (and in particular Zuckerberg) would be thinking of unifying the chats of Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The plan could be operational as early as 2020 even if there are no complaints from some employees.

With a huge number of users to manage between different platforms, Facebook services could become dispersive for many users. From 2020, however, things could change, as reported by the New York Times in a recent report.

For example, think of the chats of Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which are all under the aegis of Facebook but that are not integrated with each other. However, there could be a substantial change from this point of view.chats

If the plans reported in these hours will take shape, a user of WhatsApp could write to a Messenger user even if the latter does not have WhatsApp (all with end-to-end encryption, even if the technical details are not known or confirmed).

The individual applications will not disappear, after all, Facebook does not want this, but will allow the company to make the network of contacts more transversal, increasing the chances of monetizing.

This is because the use and dissemination of the various apps vary from country to country and from geographical area to geographical area. Therefore allowing communication between “different systems” will allow users to reach a greater number of people.

It seems, however, that this new Facebook strategy does not appeal to everyone, especially to those who work for society. In particular, the employees of WhatsApp (who must still respond to Zuckerberg) fear that this “fusion of services” can undermine the relationship of trust that has been established towards users.

There will be several thorny issues to be solved: for example, if a user not registered with Facebook (and therefore with Messenger) may not want a user of the latter to find it and send messages through other related services.

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