Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 X with 5G, 12 GB of RAM and 1,400 euros in price


New rumors leaked in these hours reveal other succulent details on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, especially the S10 X model with the 5G modem.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G modem could be called Galaxy S10 X, where the X wants to mean eXperience or eXpand. According to leaked leaks, the device could have a 6.7 “Super AMOLED display and a total of six cameras, of which four at the rear and two at the front. The processor could be combined with a quantity of 10 or 12 GB of RAM, and solutions of up to 1 TB for local storage space.

According to the news, Samsung could release the 5G model of Galaxy S10, with the suffix X, next March 29 at a price of over € 1,400 in the local currency. The smartphone will be accompanied by the Galaxy S10 E, S10 and S10 +, which however will be released before, March 8, at a base price of just over € 610. Samsung will cover a very substantial price range with the new line-up, with substantial technical differences between the various models.

The six top-of-the-range cameras should be one of the main reasons for the price increase, but the presence of an economic Lite model will also help keep the price of access to the new terminal family low. At the top of the range, we will also have a stellar memory compartment, based on up to 1 TB of storage space and even more than 10 GB of system memory. And it is not to forget the battery.

In this last generation, we finally saw the first flagships with really satisfying autonomy, and the next Samsung Galaxy S10 X could not be outdone. According to the source, in fact, we could have a unit of 5,000 mAh, well over 4,000 mAh leaked previously. As for the 5G connectivity, the device could use the Exynos 5100 5G modem, at least in the version provided with Samsung proprietary processor.

In terms of the features, Samsung may have thought a way of use called “Life pattern”, which learns from the use that is made of the terminal and tries to automate everyday operations. The device could also arrive only in South Korea as the state of development of 5G networks is more advanced there than in other parts of the world, but it is likely that in the course of 2019 The “X” version of Galaxy S10 will also come in other countries.

To find out more about the technical specifications of the whole family, we refer to this article.

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