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Apple iPhone iPod touch coming soon with USB type-c ports

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Among the innovations of Apple for this 2019 we could have a new iPod touch, which has not updated since 2015, and the USB Type-C connector on the iPhone.

According to a new report from the blog, Macotakara Apple may be about to develop a new iPod touch revised and designed on the needs of modern audiences. Moreover, according to what would have been said sources remained anonymous from the supply chains, the iPhone of 2019 could use the USB Type-C connector, just as it did with the new iPad pro announced towards the end of 2018.

The article remains vague and there is no detail on the innovations that will be introduced on the new iPod touch. The update would still come with a resounding delay: the latest iPod touch was released in 2015 and since then the landscape of listening to the music “liquid” has changed a lot. Apple still continues to sell it: in the US at $ 199 with 32 GB of storage; in Italy at € 239 in the same denomination, € 359 with 128 GB.

The release of a new iPod touch could, however, be part of Apple’s strategy based on the boost of the “Services” segment, in order to increase the loyal user base with the company. Bring as many users as possible on iOS would allow you to have a catchment area greater “compatible” with the subscription to subscription packages, such as iCloud storage services, Apple Music, and at the same time get users on the App Store and iTunes Store.

With iPod touch, Apple could aim to get new users who are potentially younger than those reached with the iPhone series. Apple has abandoned iPod nano and iPod shuffle in 2017, and to date, iPod touch is the only exponent left in the family.

The report also reads that the iPhone of 2019 will abandon the Lightning connector in favor of a solution with a USB Type-C port, following the steps were taken by iPad Pro a few months ago. The details, however, also, in this case, do not seem to be many. However, the team working on the transition from Lightning to USB Type-C is not yet ready with a working prototype, and it is therefore likely that the design change will shift to the generation of 2020.

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