WhatsApp: the first update of 2019 arrives with many new features


The New Year has only been open for a few days but WhatsApp and its developers have decided to make some really interesting news immediately. Here’s what.

The New Year 2019 opens for WhatsApp with some important news that developers have decided to make effective immediately. A few days before the end of the year we had seen how the news on the news coming in with the New Year for the main online messaging system was getting stronger. Here, just a few days into the New Year, the iOS version of WhatsApp has already received its first update of the year with three new features that enrich the user experience.

WhatsApp: here is the news for iOS

The news that has been introduced in iOS on the new version of WhatsApp exactly concern the possibility of responding privately to messages received within a group, then add stickers in photos or videos directly with the editor inside the application and then be able to use the 3D Touch technology to view user status. Three innovations that will, therefore, increase the productivity and usability of the application in everyday life.

It is therefore interesting to be able to respond privately to messages received privately within a particular group. A feature that iOS users have been clamoring for a long time and that was only released for Android users at the moment. Now finally even for those who own iPhone, it will be possible to answer separately the questions of some member of the group.

How to do? Simple because with the new functionality it will be enough within the group to request received from some component to select the message and press on the “Other” icon. At this point, the wording will appear on the “Reply privately” menu and plugging it will be possible to open a new private chat with which to speak privately with the user. Convenient and fast without having to close the group chat and switch to individual conversations with users.

In addition to this, it will be possible to add stickers both in the photos and in the videos to post later in the chat or even in the states. In this case, the new feature for iOS will allow you to add these stickers directly with the WhatsApp editor and then selecting the favorite sticker accessories just add them to the chosen image or the video to be published.

Finally, the latest news for users with iPhone is that of checking the status of a specific user directly and using the 3D Touch. How to do? Nothing could be simpler because with the latest update thanks to the proprietary technology of Apple and the iPhone (except the new iPhone XR) will be possible to observe by tapping and holding down the preview of a user’s status. A feature that will allow you not to have to completely open the status of those who published.

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