WhatsApp: here are the many news coming in this 2019


2018 has been an important year for WhatsApp and its users who have had many changes during the year. The Zuckerberg Company, however, does not seem to want to stop and for 2019 is ready to introduce more news.

The popular messaging application, WhatsApp, closed 2018 in first place among the most used apps in smartphones and more. A user experience that has brought certain improvements compared to the past both for iOS and Android versions, allowing users to get the most out of this situation. What is planned for 2019 is a year full of further news that according to the latest rumors will allow to join WhatsApp to other competitors but also to beat them? Here is what we expect in the coming months from the application of Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp: here is the latest news

“Night” mode

Let’s start from the so-called “Night Mode” that is the possibility that the application will ensure users who use smartphones with AMOLED display which much prefer darker themes to try to consume less battery than in situations of white screens.

The new Dark Mode, which not only allows energy savings but also tries not to strain your eyes when you use the app in the dark, will clearly change the entire graphical interface just like today with Telegram but also Twitter or Google Maps. In this case, the chats will be colored dark and users may even customize them with the choice of a darker color or less according to their needs.

QR Code for users

Another novelty coming in this 2019 for WhatsApp concerns the possibility for users to scan the various QR Codes that the application will make available thus allowing to add a specific friend without having to enter the number of the same. A feature that was introduced some time ago by Instagram with the famous “Nametag” that allows users to scan it by ensuring the addition of friendship without having to enter or manually search for the user. A mode that will ensure faster integration between unknown users who can add to each other without much effort.

Voice messages with automatic playback

On iPhone is a feature already available while on Android it will be in 2019. We are talking about the possibility of activating the automatic reproduction of voice messages. In this case, the new feature will allow users to listen to all the voice messages received within a WhatsApp chat without having to click on Play each time at the end of each message heard. An important innovation that has already been active for some time on Telegram and that therefore the developers of WhatsApp have decided to integrate it into their app ensuring ease of use.

Advertising in messages

It has been rumored for some time and it seems that 2019 could be the year in which WhatsApp can decide to introduce advertising on its own messaging system. In this case on the Internet, many say that it is always closer to the possibility that users can find a series of ads directly within the “Status” of the application. A novelty that is already history for example on Instagram right inside the Stories of the Social Network of Zuckerberg and that soon, most likely, will also be present on WhatsApp.

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