Premium Smartphone: Apple wins over $ 800


According to the latest report by Counterpoint Research, Apple has found the most successful smartphone over $ 800. Only in the range between 400 dollars and 600 dollars, there is a greater diversity of brands.

New Year and new data regarding the smartphone market. Counterpoint Research has announced a new report covering the period of Q3 2018 and showing how the premium smartphone market was divided at the end of last year (the Q4 data will come later).

Premium SmartphoneAccording to what emerged, Apple comes out a winner when you look at the market range over 800 dollars. In fact, in the case of premium smartphones with very high prices, the Cupertino colossus manages to reach a share of 79%. But that’s not all here.

In fact, always for the premium smartphone market between $ 600 and $ 800, once again Apple manages to get it with 61%. Samsung would seem the only company able to break this “monopoly” reaching a 21% share.

What is the entry point for the premium smartphone market (between $ 400 and $ 600) we find more competitors to divide the market? In this case, it is Samsung that dominates, with 25% while in second place there is Apple with 21%. Huawei manages to appear in the ranking with 17% while Vivo, Oppo, and Xiaomi arrive at 10%, 7%, and 6% respectively.

Furthermore, according to Counterpoint Research, the premium smartphone market has grown more (+ 19%) than the overall (-5%) market, which is experiencing a period that is no longer prosperous. This growth was due to the launch of the new iPhone but also to Chinese producers such as Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, which have enjoyed great success among consumers.

To understand how much the “challenge” within the sector is fierce, among the 40 brands that are included in the category, the top 5 shares 89% of the market. The ranking of premium smartphones sees Apple having 47% of the market share followed by Samsung (22%), Huawei (12%), Vivo (5%), Oppo (5%) and Xiaomi (3%). Although not being named among the companies, OnePlus has also seen excellent results in the $ 400 – $ 600 range, becoming the fastest growing brand.

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