A code of ethics on artificial intelligence is coming from Europe


Europe has organized a committee of 52 experts with the aim of creating an ethical code on artificial intelligence planned for the end of 2019, in order to use AI in a fair way towards people.

A few days ago we talked about the danger that can cause intelligence through the words of Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

“Regulating a new technology at its beginning is difficult but I believe that societies must self-regulate, which is why we have also tried to articulate a number of principles for AI. Maybe we have not yet solved any risk but it was important to launch the conversation “.

Europe took the speech very seriously and organized a committee composed of 52 experts from academia, industry and civil society to write a document that reports an ethical code on artificial intelligence.

It is well known that artificial intelligence is one of the great technological themes of our time that also has social, economic and philosophical implications. The guidelines to be respected are very clear:  the protection of the role and dignity of the human being prevails; in fact, the principle is established that artificial intelligence must not harm humanity but must protect physical, psychological and financial security. Furthermore, intelligent machines will always have to work for the realization of man’s autonomy, never reducing it.

The Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Digital  Andrus Ansip commented:  “Artificial intelligence can bring great benefits to our societies, from diagnosing cancer to reducing energy consumption, but for people to accept and use systems based on this technology must have confidence, know that their privacy is respected, that decisions are not biased, the work of the expert group is very important in this regard and I encourage everyone to share the comments to help finalize the guidelines. ”

The document must be presented definitively in March 2019; meanwhile, the committee is open to suggestions.

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