Microsoft Announces Project Mu


Microsoft has (quite unexpectedly) made open source Project Mu: it is the implementation of UEFI used by the Redmond colossus on the Surface and within Hyper-V.

Microsoft has announced that it has made Project Mu open source. As the name may not say much to most, it is an important step for the Redmond Company: Project Mu is, in fact, the UEFI implementation used for the products of the Surface line and for the latest editions of Hyper-V.

Project Mu (whose name derives from the Greek letter μ) is, in turn, a derivative of TianoCore, an open source project that has been judged unsatisfactory by Microsoft. The company has preferred to create a fork, with the intent to make it easier to adopt the firmware as a service used on the Surface. The aim is also to be able to model the software to your liking, adding or removing features as needed.

So here is that Microsoft has provided Project Mu with a graphical interface in line with that of Windows 10, complete with a virtual keyboard, and has instead removed features that it did not consider useful or necessary.

You can read the full announcement on the Microsoft blog.

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