WhatsApp holiday mode

This is how the WhatsApp holiday mode works

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If it is up to WhatsApp you can completely relax during trips, thanks to the long-awaited WhatsApp holiday mode. This feature will ensure that WhatsApp group conversations. And, you do not want to see for a while are actually no longer coming to the forefront.

At the moment the holiday mode is not yet available in the official version. But if you have the beta version of the app on your smartphone, you can already benefit from it. Activating the function which you can find it in Settings / Notifications). It does not seem to change that much at first.

Silence is quiet

The power, however, is in the subtle difference, because the WhatsApp holiday mode ensures that conversations you have put on Silent and conversations that you have archived, no longer ask for your attention when a new message is placed. Now, of course, you got no notification of a silent conversation. But when you opened WhatsApp, you could still see that there was a new message in the conversation. And even more annoying: a conversation that you had archived, casually removed from the archive by a new message and put on top. This new mode prevents that from happening. And, if you are on vacation, you can actually enjoy your rest. But, still be able to read all the messages when you are at home.

When we will use the WhatsApp holiday mode exactly is not yet clear to us. When a feature added to the beta version, it is usually a matter of a few weeks/months before the rest of the world gets access to it.

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