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Discover which apps consume a lot of data with iOS 12

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The time that you install an app and nothing else happened to your data bundle is far behind us. Apps nowadays consume data massively, and for those who do not have an unlimited data bundle, that can be pretty annoying. Fortunately, iOS 12 can help you discover which apps consume a lot of data.

Before the arrival of iOS 12, it was also possible to track which apps made sure your data bundle went through in no time, but Apple has now added this feature with version 12 to iOS itself.

Why monitor?

That an app like Safari uses a lot of data, we do not have to tell you that, but it is remarkable that it is often the apps that you do not expect to empty your entire data bundle. This is annoying within our country’s borders, but if you travel outside of Europe, it can turn out to be a financial disaster, because you do not think you are using data (and thus start roaming) and then find an account of hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of euros at home. an app that you did not expect to be slurping without restriction.

Discover which apps consume a lot of data

To view which apps consume a lot of data, navigate to Settings / Mobile Network on your iPhone. It takes a second or two but after that, under the heading Mobile data a long list appears with all apps that you have installed, and a specification of the amount of data they use. The useful thing is that you can not only see which app is the culprit (or are), but that besides those apps you immediately find a slider, with which you can prevent this app from using data when you are not connected to WiFi. That way you can perfectly regulate which apps can use data and which do not, without having to delete the entire app immediately.

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