Iiyama ProLite XUB2395WSU – Blast from the past


For a long time, WUXGA (1920x1200p) screens were the standard in business monitors, but in recent years we hardly see them with many higher resolution options on the market. Can iiyama reinvigorate the old standard with the ProLite XUB2395WSU?

Iiyama ProLite XUB2395WSU

Price: € 184, –

Format: 22.5 inch

Resolution: 1920x1200p (WUXGA)

Panel type: IPS

Refresh rate: 60Hz (75Hz with Freesync)

Freesync / G-Sync: Freesync

Connections: DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA

Extras: VESA-mount, Speakers, usb2.0 hub

Strangely, the former popularity of these WUXGA screens with 16: 1 aspect ratio was not. In the time that Full HD was not even a given, you still got 10 percent extra workspace with WUXGA. The resulting increased productivity was particularly appreciated in the business market, the difference in an application like Excel is substantial.

With the arrival of 1440p and 4K screens, this standard seemed to die a silent death, especially given the price advantage of the screens with this more traditional 16: 9 ratio. The iiyama XUB2395WSU is the first 16:10 screen that we see in a long time, and in any case takes the first worry point: this 22.5-inch IPS screen costs no more than a little 24 inch Full HD screen, with it the XUB2395WSU is slightly smaller, but the net workspace is larger.

Great performance

As a screen, the XUB2395WSU performs as we would expect from a business model: physically robust, spaciously adjustable and neat image quality thanks to a good performance adjustment in terms of color adjustment, gamma, and contrast. Even fans of an occasional game are not let down with a reasonable speed and FreeSync support up to 75Hz.

We also see an excellent feature set with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA, VESA mount, speakers and USB 2.0 hub. The only real downside to a further excellent test result is the fairly limited maximum brightness of 266cd / m2: in extremely light offices we would still put a question mark. There is again excellent dimming and low consumption.

The added value of the extra vertical pixels compared to Full HD is not in question, but for a few more euros we also see the first 1440p screens coming into view that offers a lot more workspace. If your net workspace is your main consideration, we would simply do that extra investment. Although we notice that you will get a larger screen than the modest 22.5 inch that this XUB2395WSU counts.


As a result of the developments in terms of resolution and the trend that monitors are constantly increasing, the XUB2395WSU seems to be an option for a modest niche that deliberately searches for a smaller -disputably-screen, but for a limited extra price over Full HD models. does not want to miss the approximately 10 percent extra workspace.

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