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It is expected that iOS 12 will roll out this month. Prepare yourself for this big annual upgrade.

The arrival of iOS 12is near. On September 12, Apple organizes its annual event on which a mountain of new hardware is announced. And the release date of a new iOS – usually shortly afterward – will be announced. It means that your trusty iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will get a solid installation. Experience shows that this usually happens without problems. Yet it is wise to at least make a backup of the device. If you do that automatically via iCloud, that is something that is automatically arranged. If you use iTunes (on the Mac or PC), it is wise to synchronize your device or devices a day prior to the upgrade rollout. If something goes wrong in an exceptional case, then you will always have a backup copy with which you will be back in business relatively quickly.

Free space

One of the most important requirements for the upgrade to run smoothly is free storage space. On a device with only 1 GB of storage space, you are asking for problems. Often the freeing up of space is very easy: move all those photos and videos that you made to your computer. This can be done via iTunes, or you can do it manually by browsing the folder of your i-device in, for example, the Explorer and moving all the photos and films in the folders on that device too, for example, a photo folder on your NAS. Or arrange it via iTunes, just what you want. Is the problem with you not so much in self-made photos but other things, then temporarily de-installing apps also helps. Games, in particular, can take up a lot of storage space. The disadvantage of manual removal is that all settings and (for example) scores are lost. It is more convenient to go another way. Start Settings and tap General on iPad storage (or iPhone storage etc.) in this app. Then tap Turn on behind Spacious apps. Then iOS automatically throws all apps that you do not use a lot of your device. But then with preservation of data and settings. If you want to use such a semi-deleted app again later, it will be downloaded at that moment and everything will work as usual. However, this option does require that you have sufficient free storage space on your iCloud. If necessary, take out a paid alternative (if necessary temporarily).

Please upgrade

The actual upgrading is then mainly a matter of waiting. On the day that iOS 12 rolls out, you can occasionally manually check whether you can already download the latest version. You do that by in Settings under General on Software Update tapping. If something new appears there, you can download and install the case. Also waiting until you get a notification (in Settings) concerning the new version of iOS is an option. Keep in mind that an upgrade – especially on older devices – takes a lot of time. So preferably do not do this job if you need a mobile or tablet in the short term. If the upgrade goes completely wrong in an exceptional case, your device will end up in the so-called recovery mode. In that case, you must connect your affected iPad, iPod touch or iPhone to Mac or PC and perform a repair/repair action via iTunes. In that case, that recent backup comes in handy. Oh, last but not least: make sure your device is connected to a charger during the update. Because if the process takes a little longer than planned and the battery runs empty, the turnips are done.

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