Notepad ++ – the best alternative to the Notepad

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Windows has been delivered for years with Notepad, the most basic application to quickly note something. Basal is fine, but this program from Microsoft has very few possibilities. There are also many more useful alternatives to download Windows Notepad. But how do you ensure that they replace Microsoft’s program?

Install alternatively

Before you can replace Notepad, you must of course first choose a replacement program. And that is quite a task because the offer is large. There is Notepad2, a version of Notepad with tabs and fonts. You can also go for Edit pad Lite, also with tabs and an unlimited number of actions that you can undo. The program of our preference is Notepad ++, a super powerful ‘notepad’ with tabs, autocomplete, HTML-coding, bookmarks and much more.

Create a shortcut

If you have Notepad ++ installed, you obviously want to be able to start it just as easily as Notepad. The program itself does not create a shortcut on your desktop and there is no tile in the Start menu. You can easily do that yourself. Click Start, you will see Notepad ++ now at the top left of Recently added. Right-click on the icon and then select On Start. There is now a tile for your ‘new’ notepad. If you want to create a shortcut now, it is very simple: drag the Notepad ++ icon to your desktop. The shortcut is now made for you.

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