MWC 2018: LG comes with K8 and K10 smartphones


LG has introduced new versions of the K8 and K10 smartphones. Both devices are priced lower and focus on photography.

The successor of the LG G6, the top device that was presented last year during Mobile World Congress (MWC), has been postponed. But during the mobile exhibition, LG is not completely empty-handed, as it presents two new variants of the K8 and K10 budget.


LG tries to appeal to photographers with the devices. For this, the K10, the luxury of the two, is equipped with a dual camera at the front. This allows portrait photos with the depth of field effect to be made and the wide angle can put more people in the picture. There is one lens at the back of both devices.


The K10 has the best specifications of the two: a 5.3-inch HD screen, 1.5 GHz octa-core processor and 32 or 16 GB expandable storage. The K8 has a slightly smaller HD (5-inch) screen, 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and 16 GB of expandable storage.

It is striking that both devices run Android 7.1. That is an outdated Android version, Android 8 has been available since August 2017.


LG does not let much of the availability yet. No price or date of sale is known, although it can be expected that both devices will cost between 150 and 250 euros. The LG K8 and K10 are available in the colors black, blue and gold.

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