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Do you need proof in pdf format? A receipt to declare costs? Or a guarantee certificate? A signed contract? Thanks to the free app Adobe Scan you digitize these things easily: take a picture and convert it into a versatile PDF.

Install app

Adobe Scan is free and available for Android and iOS. Open Google Play or the App Store and search for Adobe Scan. Install the app. When you use it for the first time, you get a short tutorial about the possibilities. Then you have to register. This can be done in various ways: manually by entering your e-mail address and choosing a password, with an existing Adobe ID, via Facebook or via a Google account.


Adobe Scan is basically your portable scanner. To save a document, note, business card or receipt in PDF format, you must first take a picture. That is simple. Simply hold your smartphone above the document and try to keep your device quiet. Tapping the shutter button is not necessary: Adobe Scan recognizes the document automatically and saves an image at lightning speed. This way you can easily record multiple documents in a row. The content in the blue box is stored each time.

Convert to pdf

Thumbnails of the photos you have taken appear at the bottom right. If you tap on a thumbnail, you enter edit mode. Does the scan look good automatically? Then tap on the top right to save PDF. Is there still some work to be done? You can tweak the photo with the buttons at the bottom. You can crop, rotate or convert the photo to grayscale or whiteboard colors. To change the file name, tap the pencil at the top. You can then send a saved PDF by e-mail, share or share via the link. It is even possible to copy text from the file.

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