How To Share files with Firefox Send

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There are many different services for sending large files. Recently even browser maker Mozilla has its own tool: Firefox Send. And it also works via other browsers. Unique is that the files remain on the servers for only one download or up to 24 hours.

Step 1: Drag files

To use Firefox, Send, you do not need an account. You simply surf to with Firefox or another browser. You can then drag the files you want to send to the central box. Or you press the Select a file to upload button and browse to the correct file location on your computer. In that case, continue with the Open button. The application can handle files up to 1 GB per link.

Drag and drop the files you want to send to the central box.

Step 2: Send

You can interrupt the upload at any time via Cancel upload. Once the files have been uploaded, you will see a link. Use the Copy to clipboard button and paste the link into an e-mail message or document. The unique feature of this sharing service is that the files remain on the Firefox servers for only one download or up to 24 hours. Then they are removed. Do you want to delete the files manually? That is possible too. To do this simply click on the Delete File button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Extra safety

Mozilla claims Firefox Send safety high wear priority. After all, the files are encrypted and deleted after one download. Mozilla could only see your IP address. Do you still want to put a password on your files? Which can. Then after uploading, select Require a password to download this file and type a password of your choice. Confirm with Add password. As soon as you return to the homepage, you get an overview of the files you have uploaded and when the links expire. With the button with the cross, you can manually delete downloaded files.

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