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No matter how cliché it is for some people: Valentine’s Day is back on its doorstep. What do you do with this day full of love, roses, and romance if you are single or just as a couple not doing this market-based holiday? We help you on your way.

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Relationship apps

Let’s get rid of the biggest cause of death right away: you can, of course, find a like-minded anti-Valentine’s Day deal through all sorts of dating apps. So, you know the well-known apps Happen (Android/iOS) and Tinder (Android/iOS) that there is actually someone available in your area. Bumble (Android/ iOS) has been developed for a female-friendly dating app, in which the women always take the first step but are also meant to close off any friendships.

That brings us to the friendship apps like Hey! Vina (Android/iOS). This app has also been specially developed for women who are looking for a friend to drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Beforehand, you are asked a few questions to outline a profile of your interests.

A similar app is a Meetup (Android/iOS). It does not focus on one gender and gives you the opportunity to state your interests, hobbies, and wishes extensively. Then choose which meetups are interesting for you and based on your location you immediately see which meetups are taking place in the neighborhood.

Out the door

If you have found a person through one of the above apps that you can use for an evening or longer, it’s time to meet up. Choose a place that is not filled with sticky couples, but searches via Foursquare (Android/iOS) for establishments that meet your requirements. Would you like to have breakfast, lunch, dance? You name it and Foursquare guides you there based on your location.

Check the weather before you leave. You do this on a nice day like Valentine with the widget Grumpy Weather (Android). This tells you unequivocally what * &% $ – it is outside again.


If you are in the chosen bar and your appointment is too late, you can kill time with one of these games: Yellow (Android/iOS) offers interesting puzzles without giving hints. It is just as addictive as Candy Crush but simpler in design and with smarter puzzles. If yellow really is not your color, then download the similar app Red (Android/iOS).

Suitable for in the pub but also for an evening on the couch is the hugely intriguing No Stranger game (Android/ iOS) that uses the same concept as a friendship app but with the person on the other side quickly delivers the necessary warning signals. You as a contact person will be sent on an exciting quest that will definitely keep you busy.

If you can start the evening/afternoon out once, you can entertain yourself with various apps in the alcoholic area. So you keep the app Untaps (Android/iOS) at which beers you have drunk and you see immediately how they are liked by the general public. Do not you like beer? Then try the app Vivi no (Android/iOS). This app can recommend wines to your taste but can also identify wines. The extra bonus to this app is the extensive commentary of the wine tasters. A sommelier is nothing.

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