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As a book fan, you have a lot on your smartphone or tablet. Not only to read but also to discover new titles that fit your reading taste. Whether you are looking for a new book, want to register your collection or like to get in touch with other readers… there are all sorts of useful apps for bookworms available.

Tip 01: Goodreads

Goodreads is best described as a global social network for book fanatics. There are now also quite a few Dutch and Belgians active there. You register all your books in your personal profile, after which online friends can admire each other’s collection. It is nice that Goodreads comes up with new suggestions so that you get to know new titles. As soon as you open the app for the first time, you first create a personal profile. Select Sign up. You can register yourself or log in directly with a Facebook account. The latter option has the advantage that you immediately see which Facebook friends are also active on Goodreads.

Tip 02: Scan books

In the Goodreads main screen, you can view which titles are currently popular. When you register your book collection, the apps make recommendations that match your reading taste. You can also consult the collection anytime and anywhere. Handy if you are in a bookstore and you doubt whether you already have that one book or not. The registration of books is very easy thanks to the built-in barcode scanner. Tap Scan in the menu and give the app access to the camera of the smartphone or tablet. Now point the camera lens at the barcode of the book. When Goodreads recognizes the book, tap Want to Read on the arrow. Please indicate with Reading that you have read the book and confirm with Done. Sometimes Goodreads does not recognize the barcode. In that case, choose Search in the menu or tap the magnifying glass icon. Try to find the book based on the title or writer.

Tip 03: View collection

Have you registered the complete book collection? Choose My Books and Read from the menu to view the collection. All books are sorted by default on the order date. Do you want a different sort order? Tap Date Read and choose, for example, Author or Title. Goodreads will then sort your collection by author or book title respectively.

Tip 04: Add friends

The nice thing about Goodreads is that readers tip each other over interesting titles. See which friends also use Goodreads and make contact easily. Open the menu via the icon with the three horizontal dashes and tap Friends. You may already see some friends who have added you. Via Connect with more friends you will hurt yourself. When Goodreads is linked to Facebook, you can immediately see which acquaintances already use this social network for book lovers. Funnily enough, you can initially add only all friends or no one at all. Do you want to share your book collection with a single person? Then choose No, thanks and Add Individually, after which you check the desired friend. Confirm with Done. As an alternative, you also track down other users via their name or e-mail address. Use the Search users by name or email field.

Tip 05: Kobo

Under the name Kobo, the companies mentioned have developed an excellent app for those who like to read e-books on their smartphones or tablets. E-books that you have ever purchased at are automatically available in this app. After starting up, log in with a account. If you do not already have one, then first surf to the website of this webshop to register yourself. With Books and Authors, you can view an overview of purchased e-books. At Start, you will receive personalized recommendations based on your digital book collection. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make purchases directly in the iOS app. From the Android app you can, after which you can read the purchased book directly. The app also offers dozens of free titles available.

Tip 06: Reading e-book

If you want to read an e-book in the Kobo app, tap the book cover. Through a swipe to the right, you always go to the next page. Tap the middle of the page to open the menu. Through the sun you increase or decrease the brightness. You may also choose another reading theme, where you give the letters and background a different color. Conveniently, you can adjust the font size and font to your liking. Use the Aa option for this. Via the tool icon, you can align the text in a different way and imagine that the screen cannot tilt. Conveniently, the makers have integrated a Prisma dictionary. Do not you know what something means? Select the word by pressing it with your finger for some time. The meaning appears after a fraction of waiting at the top or bottom of the screen. You can also easily open the keyword in Wikipedia or Google. Finally, a context menu is shown, with which you add notes, share quotations and mark words. Kobo Plus

For a monthly fee of 9.99 euros, and Kobo have created a Plus subscription. Subscribers have unlimited access to more than 160 thousand books, of which some 18 thousand are in Dutch. Users store up to fifteen titles offline every month to read on the go. After that, it is necessary to connect to the internet again. The Plus offer is available on smartphones and tablets after payment with the Kobo Plus App. Owners of a suitable Kobo e-reader also have access.

Wattpad is a popular platform for amateur writers

Tip 07: Writing yourself?

Do you have modest writing ambitions yourself? Wattpad is a popular platform for amateur writers, where you can also publish stories yourself. You simply create a new profile or log in directly via your Facebook account. After registration, you point to three stories that seem interesting to you. Based on this, Wattpad makes new recommendations. There is plenty of Dutch language reading material. If you want to publish something yourself, tap the pencil icon. Then add a book cover, title, and description. Writing can now begin. Are you done with the book? Then tap Publish and wait for other members to rate your story.

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