CES 2018: Sennheiser presents gaming headphones


During the CES in Las Vegas, Sennheiser presented a new headphone for gaming audio, the GSP 600. It is the successor to the Sennheiser GAME ZERO.


The GSP 600 mainly contains ergonomic improvements, allowing the wearer to wear the headphones for longer without irritations. For example, the ear pad has been renewed, the headband is adjustable and hinges have been fitted to make the headphone suitable.

In addition to the fit, the sound has also been improved, as well as the microphone for communication during the game. The lever to which the microphone is attached can be folded upwards, which immediately switches off the microphone. The volume can also be adjusted on the headphone itself with a turning wheel on the earcup.

The GSP 600 is specially designed for games on consoles, PC, and Mac, but can also be used on the go. The impedance is reduced, so you can also use the headphones with low-powered devices such as a smartphone.

The GSP 600 is available from January 2018 and receives a price tag of 249 euros. The headphones come with a two-year global warranty.

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