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gifsThey are sometimes hilarious; those animated gifs in which a movie of a few seconds is played. But the problem is that you do not always have time or desire for being hilarious, and sometimes they just form a far too big distraction. Then it is annoying that those gif files automatically play. Fortunately, you can prevent automatic gifs in your browser.

Step 1: Firefox

The creators of Firefox have also taken into account when making the browser that not everyone is waiting for automatically playing mini-movies. You do not have to install anything to end that, the option is simply present in the browser. Start Firefox and type about: config in the address bar and press Enter. You will now get some vague warning about warranty conditions, which you can ignore by clicking I accept, the risk! In the search field at the top, you are now looking for an image. Animation, you will then find a value called image Animation mode, double-click on it Now type none in the text field if you want the gif files to stop playing at all or once if you want it to stop after one time.

Step 2: Chrome

Chrome is unfortunately somewhat less flexible in the field of turning off the gifs, but fortunately, there are always extensions to do the job for you. The extension Gif Jam is exactly what you need. When you install this extension, animated gif files will be intercepted and replaced with an image that contains only the first frame of the animation. So you can still see what you wanted to show, but you are no longer distracted by the animation. You can find Gif Jam for free in the Chrome Web Store.

Step 3: Opera

In Edge, there is no option built in to disable the animated files. Not even in Opera, but it can be done through a detour. You can use the same extension as for Chrome: Gif Jam. You also need the add-on Chrome Extension. You then get access to the Chrome Web Store in Opera. The extension itself, of course, works in the same way as in Chrome.

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