CES 2018: This LG television can be rolled up


A special LG television: a screen that prunes you like a poster. At the CES, the company will present a prototype of a 65-inch retractable 4K OLED television at the stand.

The new LG TV is a television that can be automatically rolled up when not in use. The screen then disappears into the integrated soundbar. It is still a prototype, but the company wants to show what the possibilities are of the flexible screens.

On a roll

A few years ago, LG also showed a retractable and bendable screen, but that roll up still had to be done manually. In the new prototype that does not have to be done anymore, after a push of a button the screen automatically disappears into the soundbar below it, which is an integral part of this futuristic television.


The rolling up of such a screen is mainly intended to make it easier to transport the device, in daily practice, you would not roll up a television in the living room unless of course, you would rather look at the wall. LG does not put this model on the market but wants to demonstrate at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas what the possibilities are of a flexible and retractable OLED screen.

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