New Firefox contains patch against Specter

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FirefoxMozilla has today released a new version of Firefox that includes patches against Specter, the vulnerability known to processors yesterday. Thanks to Specter, privacy-sensitive information such as passwords can be stolen by, for example, a website.

Yesterday it became known that there are two vulnerabilities in processors in the form of Meltdown and Specter, as a result of which sensitive information such as passwords can potentially be stolen. There are patches for control systems before the meltdown, while there are no patches against Specter yet. Mozilla released a new version of their browser with Firefox 57.0.4 in which protection against Specter is included.

Less accurate time measurement

After Specter became known, thanks to research by Microsoft Vulnerability Research, the vulnerability in browsers could be exploited via JavaScript. A malicious website can steal data from other websites or privacy-sensitive information from the browser itself, such as passwords. Mozilla itself also came to the conclusion after its own experiments that it was possible thanks to the vulnerabilities for a malicious website to steal data. The attacks rely on accurate time intervals. Mozilla has therefore reduced the precision of the time measurements in Firefox 57.0.4.

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