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MP4toolsWith MP4tools you can apply all sorts of edits to mp4 files on a Mac. This way you can easily cut, merge or modify videos in other ways.


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  • Free, extended version $ 6, – (approx. € 5.10)
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  • English
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  • MacOS

It’s crazy for words that it’s easier to shorten a video via WhatsApp on your smartphone than via your Mac? But to send files to your computer via WhatsApp first, that is not the ideal solution (even if only because the quality does not benefit). Fortunately, MP4tools offers a collection of tools to work with video files in the same format. The software is only available for macOS.

Spartan interface

The interface of MP4tools can be called Spartan. You open the file you want to work with and then get an overview of the video, audio and (possibly) subtitle tracks. Via a centrally located button, you can choose from two basic options. The first option is to convert an mp4 file to the mobile and tablet-friendly M4V format. The application offers a wide selection of standard devices to convert the video too.

The second option offered by this program is ‘editing’ an mp4 file, under the Edit Files button. Editing is also a big word. Here you can cut a fragment from a video where you have to indicate start and end times or you can crop based on the file size.

For most videos, MP4tools do not have to re-encode them. This saves time and prevents problems such as the synchronization of image and sound. Those who want to get sound under a video can also get started with this tool. It should be noted that the audio does not change the format. Our test videos (made with a smartphone) delivered aac-audio. If you want to do more with the audio, we recommend a separate audio processor.

The interface should have given us some more information about the functions offered.

Registration makes more possible

MP4tools has a free and a paid version. Free you get almost all functionality of the paid (registered) variant. You will then always see an advertising window when you open a file. You pay six dollars, this ‘nag screen’ is removed and you can also drag files directly from the Finder to MP4tools to get started.


MP4tools is a practical tool bundle when you want to split, merge, or convert video files for use on other devices. It is free, easy to use and works fast.

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