Samsung Gear Sport Review The Smartwatch Meets Fitness Watch

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GearThe Samsung Gear Sport is an extra sporty version of the Samsung Gear smartwatches. This can be seen from the rubber band, more subtle format and waterproof construction.

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Samsung Gear Sport

  • Price
  • € 349, –
  • Colors
  • Black, blue
  • Format
  • 4.3 x 4.5 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight
  • 50 grams
  • OS
  • Tizen 3.0
  • Screen
  • 1.2-inch AMOLED (360×360)
  • Processor
  • 1 GHz dual-core (Exynos 7270)
  • Storage
  • 4 GB
  • RAM
  • 768 MB
  • Battery
  • 300 mAh
  • Connectivity
  • GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Other
  • Heart rate monitor, barometer, waterproof

Furthermore, Samsung’s smartwatch is a continuation of the Gear S3 from 2016 and the Gear S2 that appeared the previous year. The round watch has the iconic rotating ring around the touchscreen, which is still a very smart invention from Samsung.


The smartwatches from Samsung do not run on Android Wear but on their own operating system Tizen and therefore have their own application store. You notice that Samsung is trying hard to get the store a little filled with apps in practice this is a bit disappointing. That is not surprising because smartwatches do not really know how to reach the crowd so far and every manufacturer seems to need to make their own app store: Apple, Google, Fitbit, Samsung. For example, I found a 9292 app, Spotify and an unofficial Google Maps app. Furthermore, it is mainly to watch faces (clocks) that are offered.

There are apps and functions built in from Samsung. The weather, activities (such as steps and steps), calories burned, heart rate, sleep analysis, your agenda, a music player and more. Of course, the Gear Sport is also able to display the notifications from your smartphone.


For active people, the Gear Sport is an improvement. For example, I noticed that the heart rate monitor is a lot more active (if you set this up), by putting the measurement on continuous you have much more valuable data about the build-up and dismantling of your heart rate, resting heart rate and peaks. However, the heart rate monitor from Fitbit is still doing this more regularly and you do not need to set anything up for this.

When you get started, activities are measured automatically. Activities are also recognized, such as walking, cycling or running. Even swimming! The watch is waterproof, but it really does not swim with a watch. Nevertheless, the modest format is so practical for other activities. The watch is about the same size as the Gear S2 that appeared two years ago. Fun is that activities are accurately recorded in a logbook, with all the details about your pace, burn, heartbeat and route the Gear Sport has a built-in GPS.

Samsung has incorporated many options in the watch but it quickly slows down a bit.


Samsung has incorporated many options in the watch, but it quickly slows down a bit because it is rather unclearly organized. For sports support, there is, for example, an altimeter and stopwatch. When you sit still for too long you can set to get a message that motivates you to walk a bit. The sleep analysis is deeply hidden but to be honest, sleeping with a watch is not something you do for pleasure.

With the calendar overview, you can easily browse through your calendar, notifications come directly to your watch and the Flip board app lets you browse through news headlines. You have 4GB of storage at your disposal, which you can use for apps, but also for music, which you play with the built-in music player. The accompanying app also overloads you with functions that you actually do not or hardly use in practice.

In use

The watch lasts about a day or three on a full battery charge. But that is of course highly dependent on how often you use it and how active you are. Charging is done by putting him in a wireless standard. Unfortunately, this standard still has an old-fashioned micro-USB connection, instead of USB-c.

The Gear Sport works with Android and iOS. If you have an Android smartphone from Samsung you can link the smartwatch immediately. When you have another Android, you have to install three Apps from the Play Store before your watch finally works together.

Sports watch vs. sports watch

All in all, Samsung uses this smartwatch to compete well with Fitbit, which I personally prefer the fitness bracelets, but just happens to have just released a comparable sports watch: the Fitbit Ionic. Apple is also trying to focus it’s Apple Watch 3 on athletes. The Fitbit Ionic wins with its accuracy of (among others) the heart rate monitor, the Apple Watch has some more apps (but does not work with Android) and the Gear Sport is the most beautiful and has many functions.

Of course, there are also sports watches from Garmin and TomTom, among others, which are really focused on activities and therefore have fewer functions. Unlike the Gear Sport, you are not really inclined to wear such a watch when you are not active. That said the Gear Sport did not make itself indispensable. Despite its many functions, I noticed during my test period that I started wearing the watch less and less in daily life, but also during activities.


No lack of functions with the Samsung Gear Sport. That is mainly thanks to Samsung itself because in terms of apps it is still a bit disappointing. Perhaps that is also the reason why the sports watch does not make sight indispensable. Nevertheless, Samsung has delivered a watch with which you can be seen, with a good (waterproof) build quality and intuitive rotation.

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