Set the default properties of your printer


printerYou can set default print properties for your printer in Windows. For example, choose a fast economic mode. Saves a lot of ink Also, when using multiple printers, the default printer can be set.

Most home users have either a laser or an inkjet printer. Or both in the latter case, it is practical to set the laser printer as the default printer in Windows. For the daily print jobs, you print inexpensively via the laser printer. In most cases, it will be a black-and-white print, but that is not a problem in general. If you have to print something in color once, you can always choose the inkjet in the print window. To set the laser printer as the default in Windows 10, click the settings sprocket in the Start menu. In Settings, click Devices and then – left – click Printers and Scanners. Click the printer you want to set as default and then appeared on the button Manage. Click set as default and you’re done. In every program where you now have a print order, this printer is now selected. To save a lot of paper, you could even set Microsoft Print to PDF as the default printer.

Standard print settings

Many printers have an institution that provides economical printing. In other words: less ink or toner is used than with a normal print. The quality differences are usually not really interesting for daily print jobs that do not leave the house. With inkjet printers, it often also happens that printing in draft mode goes much faster than normal. You can go through the quality settings per print job. It is much more convenient to set the economic and (or) fast mode as standard. Only when you print a letter, project, report or photo do you dive into the settings to adjust it. In all other cases, a click on Printing simply yields a fast and (or) economic print.

To set the print quality ‘globally’ in Windows, use the Settings app again Click on Devices again and then on Printers and scanners. Click on the printer whose print quality you want to adjust, followed by a click Manage. Click Printing Preferences and then the Paper / Quality tab. select one of the available options, for example, Concept. Sometimes several options are available; also look for the advanced button. The possibilities depend on your printer and installed drivers. Click OK when the settings are made; From now on, they can be used with every printer from any Windows program that can print.

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