Sell items via Facebook Marketplace


MarketplaceRecently you can sell second-hand items via Facebook. This happened regularly through various Facebook groups, but now it can also be somewhat more official: via Facebook Marketplace. That’s how you work!

Step 1: Place a poster

Surf to log in with your account and click on Marketplace in the left column. Then click on Sell something in the top right corner. Describe the product you want to sell briefly and concisely then add a price, select a category and possibly give some extra information such as collection or shipping options. Then click on Photos Adding to hang on your ad to one or more images. Confirm the action with Finish.

Step 2: Manage ad agent

Once you have published the advertisement, it appears in the left column under Sales. By clicking on the picture, you will see the complete advertisement. Through Manage you the Article remove or edit the item. A potential buyer may want if interested check whether the ad Save or Share. He or she can make a bid for the Bid button. He or she can also ask questions through the chat function. Once you have reached an agreement, you can mark the product as sold. Mind you, Facebook offers no protection for buyers or sellers. The transaction is between buyer and seller. It is therefore recommended to pay by cash or via PayPal.

Step 3: Buying stuff

Of course, you can also browse through the different classifieds yourself. To do this, first, click on the desired category and subcategory in the left column. You will then receive an overview of all advertisements. You can filter these based on keyword, location, and price. There is even a free button. You can tick an ad as Interested, Save or Share. You can also chat directly with the seller. You can make an appointment to pick up the product from the seller at home. You can also send it, the unwritten rule is that you pay first and also take care of the shipping costs.

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