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BeyerdynamicBeyerdynamic presented the Aventho Wireless at IFA. This wireless headphone is the new flagship of the German audio brand and gives the user the possibility to adjust the sound to his or her hearing. Is the Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless the ultimate solution for the hearing-impaired music lover?

beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless


€ 449, –


Brown, black


Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone input

Frequency range:

10Hz – 40 kHz




MIY Beyerdynamic (Android & iOS)

We can call the design of the on-ear headphones from Beyerdynamic strikingly striking. The combination of classic brown leather with gray metal gives the Aventho Wireless a premium and industrial appearance. For fans of neutral colors, there is also a black variant.

In the fingers

The logo is in the left ear cup the right ear cup is touch-sensitive and comes from all markets when it comes to waiting. Twice tapping is pause and play, and with a swipe forward or backward you choose the next or previous song – if you hold the swipe ‘you can even fast forward! You can adjust the volume by swiping up or down. A nice extra is that you can turn aptX HD on and off manually by swiping up or down while holding the round button.

The storage bag is not a luxury.

The button on the Even tho is bizarre rough, so you need two hands for this movement. On the bottom of the right ear cup, we find a regular headphone jack and a USB-C input to charge the headphones. This makes the Aventho Wireless completely at this time. The battery life is pretty close to the 30 hours promised by Beyerdynamic.

The headphones are noticeably heavy for their size – probably partly due to a large battery – but thanks to the thin headband and pieces of metal at the ear cup, it looks pretty fragile. The button on the bottom of the right ear shell is also incredibly rough. We were occasionally worried that we would break the headphones because so much power is required to press the button. The Aventho is not collapsible, but is delivered with a luxury storage bag and is by its size no block on your leg if you do not use it.

Make It Yours

By default, Beyerdynamic headphones have a clear sound, with a fine mid-range and a detailed high range. We deliberately say the word ‘standard’, since the Aventho Wireless has the unique ability to adapt the sound to your hearing.

With the corresponding app MIY, which stands for Make It Yours, you can create a sound profile. After indicating your age, the app can optimize the sound for you. If you really want a personal profile, you can even take a hearing test. This hearing test is taken per ear with the help of short beeps, where you have to hold a button as long as you hear the beeps. This way the app knows which ones you can or can not hear per ear. Especially for the hearing impaired with one or two years, this is a great plus.

After taking the hearing test, the app stores your profile in the headphones. The headphones then apply the profile to everything that connects the Aventho wirelessly. In the app, you can indicate in percentage how active the sound profile should be. The MIY function can only be used in wireless mode when the headphones are on. When connecting a cable, the headphones automatically turn themselves off.

The tones that you hear less well but should hear, get a small boost in the sound profile that the MIY app makes for you. Because of the personalized sound profile, everyone should hear the music as intended. In my case, the sound with the active sound profile sounded a bit fuller. The middle area contained a bit more detail and the bass was slightly tighter and more present. In terms of high tones, I hardly heard any difference – I also have pretty young ears – but all in all the MIY profile was a nice improvement.

Android is lagging behind

Although the app worked fluently on iOS, the hearing test did not work in the Android version (yet) and we encountered numerous bugs. These kinds of errors are likely to be solved in the near future, but it is a shame that Android users can not get everything out of the headphones. Especially when you consider that Android smartphones are the devices with which you can enjoy aptX HD. We will provide this review with an update if the Android app is working properly.


The Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless leaves a great impression – unless you have an Android smartphone – but the price tag is still swallowing. The headphones cost 449 euros. At IFA, Beyerdynamic indicated that there is also a version without MIY functionality, which will be 100 euros cheaper. Even this ‘cheaper’ version we find quite pricey and it gives us the suspicion that you mainly pay for the special design.

However, we can well imagine that the MIY functionality is invaluable for users who are hearing impaired by one or two ears. And for lovers of and special design, the headphones are not too expensive. beyerdynamic puts a pioneering headset with the Aventho Wireless that is fun to watch and listen to.

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