October 8, 2018

18 Brilliant gadgets for office


It feels like the holiday is already centuries ago and the long staring at your screen starts to bump you. Whether you have a place at home or in the office, it is your workplace. Time to set it up we give 18 practical and less practical gadgets for the office.

1. Microsoft Surface Dock

Price: ca. $185

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a great device, but if you have it on your desk, a lot of cables will come out. That can be different! With this dock from Microsoft, only one cable comes from your Surface Pro 4; they can hide the box with all connections on or under your desk. The dock has four usb3.0 and two mini display ports, as well as a gigabit and audio connection. The only disadvantage? With around 185 Euros the dock will be a big dent in your wallet.

2. Trust Cyclone

Price:$ 21.95

This position not only ensures that you can put your laptop ergonomically on your desk; it also cools the bottom of your computer with the internal fans. For this you will, of course, need power; you can get it from your laptop via a USB cable. The stand is suitable for notebooks they can find up to 16 inches for just over 20 Euros in various online stores.

3. Rain Design mStand

Price: $ 59.95

The mStand is specially designed for a MacBook, and that exudes the whole design. In addition to silver, the stand is also available in the Apple colors gold and Spacegrijs. Because they make the stand of aluminum, it functions as a ‘heat sink’ and your laptop gets less hot than when you put it directly on your desktop. You can put a keyboard under the stand and cables are routed neatly through the hole. MacBooks up to 17 inches can be on the stand and of course, non-Apple laptops can use it.

4. iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

Price: $ 19.95

Maybe not for your desk but certainly handy to have in your desk drawer. With the Essential Electronics Toolkit from iFixit, you have all kinds of handy tools that you may need to quickly change a hard disk, adjust your eyewear or grab a small computer component. The iFixit toolkit is a must-have if you like to tinker with your equipment.

5. Satechi USB-C Power Tester

Price: $ 35.95

A cable tester for USB cables, is that really necessary? Sometimes it is convenient since there is a proliferation of cables and you want to know at times the voltage and ampere of the cable that you plug into your laptop. With the Power Tester from Satechi, you can see all that clear on the display and you recognize a bad cable immediately.

6. Lexon Liquid Station

Price: $ 37

Most pen trays look a bit boring. That does not apply to this copy of Lexon. They make the Liquid Station of molded plastic and can also accommodate things like your Smartphone, post-its, business cards and booklets. The Liquid Station is available in red or in gray and is a real eye-catcher. The ‘liquid’ pen holder measures 25 by 13 centimeters and weighs less than half a kilo.

7. Wacom Intuos Small

Price: $69.99

If you sometimes suffer from RSI, it is useful to learn to work with a drawing tablet. There is actually only one brand that offers high-quality tablets: Wacom has years of experience in making this kind of tablet. The Intuos Small is as big as an A5 and costs less than 70 Euros. The device comes with a special pen and the tablet itself has four buttons that you can assign to different functions.

8. Logitech Multi-device Keyboard K480

Price: $47.95

With this Logitech keyboard, you not only operate your PC, but you can also control your tablet or Smartphone with the K480. Conveniently, you can put your mobile device in the slot at the top. The Bluetooth keyboard works with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. They supply power to the K480 via internal AAA batteries that are included.

9. Dymo Label Printer 450

Price: $82

You can, of course, describe your envelopes yourself, but if you have to spend a lot of letters, a label printer is a better idea. This label printer from Dymo connects to your PC with a USB cable and with the special software you can easily print shipping labels, barcode labels, and badges. The software is available for both PC and Mac, but you can also print directly from Word, Excel or Outlook.

1o. Delta USB Fan Retro

Price: $ 12.95

With a USB fan, you quickly think of a useless, unsightly plastic litter. How different is that with this Deltaco fan? He has a diameter of only 13 centimeters but looks great. The fan has a retro design and is available in silver and black. The wind machine can even be connected to a power bank, so you can cool off while on the road.

11. Mustard Super Hub

Price: $ 11.70

A USB hub does not have to look dull. The Mustard Super Hub looks like an old Nintendo controller and has four USB 2.0 ports, enough to charge your Smartphone, tablet and another USB device. The USB hub weighs only 53 grams and is 18 centimeters wide. The buttons at the top, unfortunately, have no function.

12. Big Enter Key

Price: $8.54

Busy with a boring job that often requires you to press enter? Do not put Ram on your keyboard, but beat your gig with this gigantic enter key. They make the key of soft material and springs back nicely if you pound on it. You only need to connect the USB cable to your PC or Mac and the key functions immediately.

13. USB cup warmer Cupcake

Price: $ 15.90

A warming plate for your coffee is already a nice gadget for your desk, but if it also has the shape of a cupcake, he certainly deserves a place in this Shortlist. The cup warmer is suitable for metal cups with a flat bottom; plastic mugs are not suitable. The hot plate is also available in donut form.

14. Cable box

Price: $ 7.95

This gadget fits very well with the Enter key that you can hit. This Ctrl key is, in fact, a cable box and can hide all your cables, adapters and other messy mess. The cable box is available in different colors such as black, yellow, green and white, and therefore fits with your office design. The test measures 23 by 10 centimeters and can even make a small power strip disappear from view.

15. Powerbank Floppy Disc

Price: $ 9.75

Oh, those good old floppies with their noise, slowness and crazy design … You probably do not have a real floppy disk on your desk anymore, but this gadget offers a solution. This floppy is a power bank with a capacity of 2500 mAh – enough to recharge your Smartphone if you do not have a socket nearby. And do you have a socket on your desk, then you just put it as an accessory on your desk?

16. Picard mouse pad

Price: $ 19.95 (plus shipping)

A mouse pad, is that still a gadget? Obviously, especially if Captain Jean-Luc Picard insists! As a Captain of the Enterprise, he was already legendary, Picard has become world-famous with his facepalm in meme form. If you want to buy more Star Trek: The Next Generation gadgets, take a look at the Think Geek website. Here you will find a lot of cool original merchandise from Star Trek.

17. Chain Chomp lamp

Price: $ 49.95 (plus shipping costs)

Another nice gadget you can order on the Think Geek website: a desk lamp in the shape of a Chain Chomp, one of the famous characters from Super Mario. The lamp is 47 cm high, weighs more than 3 kg and is undoubtedly a highlight on your desk. You can turn the head so that you have good light everywhere on your desk. The desk lamp has a 60 lumen LED lamp that has to last about 30 thousand hours.


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